LIBER Manuscripts Librarians Group


In September 2000 manuscript librarians from Europe met in Stockholm at a conference to discuss recent developments in the field and exchange information.The participating colleagues agreed in forming an expert committee under the auspices of LIBER. (Collection Development Division). In July 2001 LIBER's General Conference in London formally approved the Manuscript Librarians Group. Under the new LIBER structure established at the end of 2009 the LIBER Manuscript Librarians Group has become the LIBER Manuscript Librarians Expert Group, working in the frame of the Steering Committee on Heritage Collections and Preservation (SCHCP).


The LIBER Manuscript Librarians Group recognises the unique significance of manuscript and archive collections, not only for the world of research and learning, but also for a wider audience of people interested in history and cultural heritage. The primary aims of the Group are to act as a forum for curatorial concerns, and to enhance understanding and practical cooperation among curators across Europe, taking account of the differences in approach which have occurred historically.


LIBER Manuscript Librarians Group